This is a rare and visually striking Bronze Age gold pendant, dating to circa 1600 - 1400 B.C. This solid gold pendant is formed from a 'lock' ring, a single link in a regal chain or royal collar. These 'lock' rings were used as a form of currency for trade (a precursor to Celtic Ring-Money), attached together to form what we would now term as a 'money' chain. Similar 'lock-rings' can be seen in the British Museum (here and here). This example has been purposefully twisted open, forming a horned shaped pendant or amulet. One can easily image this striking amulet hanging from a cord around the neck of a Druid or warrior, awarded as payment for for magical reasons. It is an unusual and very rare object, 'Lock' rings are rare but this one is unique!

OBJECT: Lock-Ring Pendant

CULTURE: Bronze Age

DATE: c. 1600 - 1400 B.C.

MATERIAL: Gold around 23k pure

SIZE: 39.04mm x 19.78mm x 4.32mm

WEIGHT: 6.92 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. Private European Collection. Graz, Austria.

Price: £1875

Item code: (#AU00XVANT938)

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