This is a nice Saxon silver penny of king Æthelred II, minted at London by the moneyer ÆLFPINE. It is a nice bold example displaying signs of circulation. Vast quantaties of these silver pennies were minted to pay the Danegeld after the Battle of Maldon in 991 A.D. The first tribute was almost 10,000 Roman pounds (3,300 kg) of silver paid to the forces of Olav Tryggvason. The silver taken in raiding was used alongside Arabic Dirhams, mostly melted down into bars and hack-silver. This is a nice example of some the earliest coins to circulate as currency amongst the the Vikings.


CULTURE: Saxon England

DATE: 978 - 1013 A.D.


SIZE: 19.96mm dia

WEIGHT: 1.53 grams


PROVENANCE: Ex. A. Mayer collection, Lübeck. Germany

Price: £295

Item code: (#AR00XVANT977)

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