We offer this rare Viking period silver finger ring, dating to the 9th - 10th century AD. It has a lozenge shaped bezel with four raised protrusions. The ring decoration is pseudo runic inscription, likely connected with a magical protection of Odin or Thor. The ring is presented in good excavated condition, though has a few iron deposits on the inside of the band caused during burial. This is a wonderful example of a Viking apotropaic ring, that would have conferred a sense of security to its original owner, who at this point in time would have unlikely been able to read or write! Tody this ring can still be worn if one is carefull and considerate of its great age.

OBJECT: Finger Ring


DATE: c. 9th - 10th century AD


RING SIZE: 9   (US)  R 3/4 (UK)

SIZE: 21.4mm x 22.2mm (outer dia) x 20mm (inner dia) x 12.1mm x 4.1mm wide

WEIGHT: 1.9g

Price: £ 320

Item code: (#AR00XVANT41)

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